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General Instructions
  1. Manifold bracket must be attached to the main frame with 1” bolt and locknut. By-pass hose should be attached to return under the tank with hose attached to pressure relief valve.
  2. Breakaway booms should be attached to center boom section using 11/4” bolt with locknut at first hole. Slotted breakaway is attached with 1” bolt, one washer and locknut. Breakaway should be loose enough to allow boom to swing back when an object is encountered! Boom chains should be attached to top corners of center section and center hole in boom with 1” bolt and locknut. Boom should be level with ground when boom chains are adjusted.
  3. Boom hose and nozzles should be installed by removing cap and nut from T or L, inserted into appropriate hole in boom, then reassembled. Nut should be tight enough to hold in boom, but nozzle cap should only be finger tight. All nozzle openings should be facing rear of sprayer. Rubber boom straps should be used either to hold boom in transport position or hooked in chain with enough tension to allow boom to float. Boom chain would be loose if properly installed.
  4. Pasture broadcast nozzle, boom and handgun hoses should be run under the tank and be attached to appropriate hose barb on manifold.
  5. Pump hose should be installed with hose running from strainer under the tank to outlet marked “in” on pump. Hose from “out” goes to manifold. Make sure hose length on pump is right distance from your tractor with pump mounted on tractor PTO and lift arms or hitch attached to your tractor. Chain on pump should go around tractor lift arm.
  6. After all accessories are installed, partially fill tank with water and check all hoses and fittings for leaks. You may need to tighten some fittings or hose clamps. Straps should be tightened after filling tank.
  7. Valve at bottom of tank outlet should be open when running pump. Always make sure strainer is clean prior to running sprayer.
  8. Run sprayer using water to familiarize yourself with the operation on various accessories. Recheck for leaks.
  9. Pressure of sprayer is adjusted at pressure relief valve by screwing in for higher pressure, out for lower pressure.
  10. Tank and spray system should be flushed with clear water after use. Chemicals should not be left in tank and system for prolonged periods of time to avoid residual effect. Add anti-freeze to pump when unit is stored for prolonged periods – especially during winter.
  11. If you don’t find the answers call REMCOR at (903) 532-6214.